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Governance pillars

AC Milan Group Governance pillars are based on:

  • Transparency of the company’s management;
  • Values system established in the Code of Ethics;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • Anti-Racism guidelines

Transparency of the company’s management

The lack of transparency in football’s world is an ever-current theme and, in recent years, has caused reputational and image damages to the entire sports sector, both nationally and internationally.

AC Milan, while acknowledging this urgency, undertakes to respect and further strengthen its principles of transparency, loyalty and ethics in the management and administration of corporate events and, more generally, of absolute frankness and openness towards all the Stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors of A.C. Milan S.p.A., Milan Entertainment Srl and Milan Real Estate SpA have enforced (and keep updated) their own Organizational Model.

The Group's commitment is to maintain the highest ethics, integrity and legality in the performance of its duties and activities.

AC Milan Group’s Code of Ethics, is in the website, in CLUB - Code of Ethics section.

Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of A.C. Milan S.p.A., Milan Entertainment Srl and Milan Real Estate SpA have enforced (and keep updated) their own Organizational Model.

This document is a complex set of principles, rules, provisions, organizational schemes and related tasks and responsibilities that, in compliance with the system for the assigning of roles and delegating powers and internal procedures, responds to the purposes and requirements required by Legislative Decree No. 231/01 (and subsequent amendments) in terms of preventing crimes and administrative offenses.

Every company part of AC Milan Group has also prepared a summary document, with the Code of Conduct provided for by the Organizational Model, for collaborators, suppliers, consultants and, in general, third parties who work for the Company to which they must comply when they collaborate with the Company. 

The Code of Conduct of AC Milan S.p.A, Milan Entertainment Srl and Milan Real Estate SpA, is in the website, in the CLUB – Code of Conduct section. 

Fight against racism

As defined by the Group’s Code of Ethics “A.C. Milan rejects any discrimination against people based on sex, race, language, personal and social conditions, religious and political beliefs”.

All employees, football players, technicians and all subjects who establish contractual relationships with A.C. Milan S.p.A. are required to accept and to comply with the company's Code of Ethics. As a result of acceptance of the Code of Ethics, any discriminatory conduct carried out by any person linked to A.C. Milan will be sanctioned.

The compliance with the Code of Ethics and the clear rejection of any conduct or racist attitude is a binding condition for the establishment of relationships with supporters’ groups or associations.

During matches, AC Milan undertakes to scrupulously comply with all law and sport’s provisions already in force for the fight against racism and against any form of discrimination, by:

  • carrying out preventive measures on the banners and the printed materials in the stadium;
  • providing for the removal of banners with racist or discriminatory content that may be exposed;
  • providing for the expulsion of persons responsible for discriminatory or racist conduct in compliance with the Stadium’s Regulations and the season tickets and ticket sales terms and conditions;
  • through audio-video announcements.

A.C. Milan S.p.A. has a long-term plan to strengthen within the company and among its supporters a mindset totally alien to any concept of racial discrimination.

This plan includes:

  • organizing courses for HR on racism;
  • sessions dedicated to racism and fight against any display of racism made by supporters during the courses organized by the A.C. Milan S.p.A. for the training of the stewards;
  • involvement of Associazione Italiana Milan Clubs and of the lecturers participating in the “AC Milan for Oratories” project in organizing educational and promotional initiatives against racism;
  • looking for facilities to encourage the recognizable presence of supporters belonging to foreign communities on the model of what happens for young players;
  • study of slogans and/or letterings to characterize the Company’s initiatives (for example “tutti I colori sono Rossoneri”) (all colours are Red and Black
  • the participation of A.C. Milan S.p.A. to initiatives against racism eventually promoted by F.I.G.C. or by Lega Serie A.

Furthermore, all the initiatives of A.C. Milan towards young people are based on the spreading of sports’ values: first of all, those of mutual respect and tolerance.