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The management of purchases and suppliers

For a Group like AC Milan, the management of supplies and sub-supplies is a fundamental element to guarantee social and environmental responsibility along the whole value chain.

Monitoring suppliers and managing the purchase of goods and services are important elements of the business’ sustainable approach.

To this end, the Group undertakes to adopt supply systems that minimize the impact on society and environment and to constantly monitor its suppliers in relation to areas related to respect for human rights and environmental responsibility, as well as quality issues and efficiency of the service.

New purchasing procedure

AC Milan Group has started the implementation of a new purchasing procedure which defines the responsibilities and internal guidelines for the operational and administrative-accounting management of the supply process of goods and services, with the aim of ensuring:

  • An appropriate separation of responsibilities within the supply process;
  • Traceability of supply operations, through a transparent authorization process;
  • Completeness and accuracy of orders and promptness in accounting purchase costs;
  • Efficiency in the purchasing process, respecting quality, reliability and savings’ criteria;
  • A supplier selection process based on the principles of impartiality, transparency, fairness and ethics
  • A system of continuous monitoring of suppliers of goods and services.

The new procedure will be applied to all Group Departments and Management that are involved in the supply of goods and services.

Supply Value Management

AC Milan aims to implement a portal for the certification and management of suppliers that provides for the collection of documents and for the possibility to carry out performance analysis, spending analysis, and management of the contractual and bureaucratic part with the supplier.

The main sections of the suppliers’ portal will be:

  • Suppliers’ registry
  • Product classification
  • Document Repository
  • Suppliers’ certifications