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Operational model, objectives and values

"Shortly Fondazione Milan will be 15 years old, we are an active reality all over Italy, and we have also undertaken initiatives in different countries all over the world. We focus on children, on young people, we are present in many Italian cities, in difficult districts. The Report is absolutely positive, there is always so much to do, we hope to carry out initiatives young people’s world."

Barbara Berlusconi

Fondazione Milan has been representing AC Milan's desire to work for the community, especially for new generations, for 14 years. The work focuses on the development of philanthropic initiatives that use sports as a tool to respond to the most urgent social needs.

In 2016/17 football season, Fondazione Milan confirmed the business model based on three guidelines - Sport for Change, Sport for All, Sport for Values and the program dedicated to Emergency situations.

Some innovations have also been introduced to further enhance the impact of each initiative.

Sport for Change has been enriched with new offices on the territory, managed directly by Human Resources of Fondazione Milan and the work dedicated to young people in conflict with the law has been deepened. As for Sport for All, new projects were tested to support disabled people to access sports practice, working in contexts different from those areas where people with difficulties are supported.

With Sport for All we also wanted to set up a pathway dedicated to the young players of AC Milan Youth Sector to create moments of mutual exchange with the protagonists of the projects of Fondazione Milan, a privileged opportunity to convey the values of diversity, the ability to adapt and listening to other people, the culture of inclusion.

Finally, Fondazione Milan set up a fund dedicated to fundraising for the people of central Italy affected by the earthquake on August 24, 2016.Fondazione Milan organized various fundraising activities, involving all the departments of the Club, the First Team Players and Milan Glorie.


Turn sport into a vehicle of change to fight against exclusion and social discrimination


11-15 years old
Dropping out risks
15-24 years old
In conflict with the law


Integrate problematic children by addressing delinquent behaviour and social exclusion


Use sport as a social adhesivetowards disabilities as well


6 - 18 years old
People with disabilities


Promote access to and support in sport within inclusive environments for disabled people


Promote the values of sport, respecting others and fair play


4-18 years old
Across the board


Set up encounters that involve young people in their normal environments


Use sport to restore children's right to play


4-18 years old
In situations of humanitarian crises


Offer relief to children caught up in crises through recreational and sporting activities

Funds raised by AC Milan Foundation630,698482,299
Number of young people involved in programs supported or launched by FMcirca 3,000 circa 2,500 
Number of operational programs managed by FM44
Values of the operational programs managed by FM220,384130,903
Number of social projects financed by MF77
Value of the social projects financed by MF171,541344,891 
Total value of the investment supported by MF391,925475,794 

Social Network2016/20172015/2016
Number of Milan Foundation’s supporters on FacebookAbout 190,000177,956 
Number of interactions with supporters (posts, private messages, etc.) on Facebook361,448161,922 
Average response time to supporters on Facebook34h34h
Users engaged – Total users who interacted with Milan Foundation516,663222,670 
Users engaged – Overall average users who interacted with Milan Foundation per month43,05518,555 

Areas of sectors2016/20172015/2016
Sport For Values-20%
Sport For Change56%52%
Sport For All31%21%

Efficiency Index2016/20172015/2016
General charges36%29%
Charges for institutional activities63%30%
Extraordinary charges--
Fundraising charges2%41%

Funding sources**2016/20172015/2016
Companies and Foundations 39%36%
Events and Charitable contributions Milan Glorie-6%
Individual Charitable contribution18%35%
Extraordinary income--

**in the new Report, charitable contributions coming from events and Milan Glorie have been reabsorbed in the other macro-categories.