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Growth and training

The AC Milan youth academy is considered to be one of the best youth systems in the world. Over the years, the Club’s academy has trained footballers who have gone on to play for the AC Milan first team and many other big Italian and foreign clubs.

The AC Milan Youth Academy features 333 players, 30 of whom are professional footballers.

The 14 youth-academy sides of season 2016-2017 are followed by their respective coaching staff and train at the Vismara training ground in Milan, which is also where they play their home games.

Starting from last season, the youth academy welcomed a new team on board.

The Primavera team, instead, train at the Milanello training ground – a key asset not only for the AC Milan Club but also for the whole Italian football system – which also hosts the First Team’s training sessions.

The AC Milan youth academy can also boast an ad-hoc Video Department, made up of of five coaches whose job is to analyse footage and data from training sessions and matches of both our competitive and grassroots teams, as well as any other side considered of interest from a tactical and technical point of view.

Video analysis is regarded as an important learning tool for players and coaches.




Youth academy footballers (male and female)



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Professional footballers in the youth academy



Non-professional footballers in the youth academy



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Nationality of youth academy footballers

Italy, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Colombia, Guinea, Romania, Ghana, Ukraine, the Togolese Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, Senegal, Bulgaria

Italy, Albania, Senegal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Republic of Mali, Ghana, Romania, Ivory Coast, Montenegro, Bolivia, Spain, Ukraine, Great Britain, Guinea, Philippines, Bulgaria, Morocco, India, the Togolese Republic