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Letter to stakeholders

For the fifth consecutive year, AC Milan has adopted a communication model able to describe and explore all its areas and activities.

This is a work that I deem essential also in view of the change that AC Milan underwent in mid-April, when the transfer of ownership was completed and our Club could resume its running towards the future.

Social responsibility is a key factor that allows us to catch up with the international scene which is increasingly pressing companies to be protagonists responsible for the socio-economic context in which they operate. A message also acknowledged by the United Nations with the work of the so-called Sustainable Development Goals that testifies how highly this theme is regarded.

The Report also stands as an opportunity to explain once more what the change of ownership has meant for AC Milan and its employees, inspired by passion and in keeping with a communication model characterized by the utmost transparency.

Once again, the Sustainability Report has availed itself of a digital and interactive support. It is a journey that starts from figures to then turn them into emotions. A useful tool for all those who want to discover the Rossoneri universe in all its facets through the sporting competitions that have seen the First team on the pitch, the careful management of the environment, the growing attention to sharing, engagement, communication, the sports and educational model of the youth sector.

The 2016/2017 season was not an easy one to manage, but at the same time it helped  strengthening the mentality of a group that was able to pull back from difficult situations not only on the pitch, but also in the marketing and economic field and in the relationship with the fans. AC Milan and its people know the standards of excellence, they know what it takes to achieve success. It is already part of their DNA. Like a sleeping giant, AC Milan is more vital than ever, aiming at goals that are familiar to the club thanks to the expertise of men and women who for thirty-one years have climbed to the top, making AC Milan a role model to be imitated.

There is still a long way to go to bring AC Milan back into the world football élite and that is a challenge that requires our greatest commitment, a very strong but unavoidable attraction: the history of this Club calls for it. We owe it to the millions of Rossoneri fans who support the club with their unique passion and loyalty.

Marco Fassone
AC Milan Chief Executive Officer