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Borderless passion

AC Milan, with its 118 years of history and successes, is one of the most followed national and international clubs.

AC Milan’s supporters in the world are the true value and the true priceless asset of this Club” 

Yonghong Li - President AC Milan

Our Fan Base is made up of almost 131 million supporters spread all over the world, of which almost 28 million in Europe, 25 million in South America and well 60,7 million in Pacific Asia.1

Cuorerossonero” supporters are 481,000 Milan Club members are about 80,000.

With a Fan Base of 402 million supporters, AC Milan is the Italian team with the highest number of supporters all over the world, while it ranks 5th in the ranking of the most followed international teams, behind FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, FC Manchester2

The Group's objective remains to further increase the globalization of AC Milan’s brand, through the penetration in new markets - especially the Asian one - and winning over new supporters, from millennials to the female world, to those not interested in football.

1 Nielsen data, May 2017

2 Nielsen data, May 2017