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Fans and supporters

“ I can only thank people who travel for kilometres for this team. I can only say thank you: thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Marco Fassone - CEO

Our fans are not only those who follow the matches or actively participate in events and initiatives related to the team, they are also real customers with the right to use a range of services dedicated to them.

For this reason, the Group invests a significant part of the resources and of the energies in the attempt to improve its own CRM, Business Intelligence and Data Management systems.

AC Milan’s challenge is to be able to interpret all the information and data that the Group has at its disposal, in order to transform them in strategic actions and concrete activities to support the business.

In recent years, the Group has supported various investments to innovate communication methods and tools and to enhance the relationship with its fan base, in particular increasing the knowledge of its supporters with the aim of responding to their needs in an increasingly specific and timely manner.

In this sense, the Group has set goals for the future such as the launch of initiatives to enhance each behavioural cluster and capable of responding to any type of need (online browsing, consumption, life in the social networks’ world), as well as initiatives to improve the information capacity compared to the fan base requested by the Group’s sponsors.

Through a deep knowledge of supporters, of their behaviour and their expectations, the Club is more and more able to offer a better “experience” to fans, from the purchase phase to post-sales and Customer Care.