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Milan Media House

On July 1, 2016, the Club created Milan Media House, a new communication department aimed at integrating and managing all communication channels: Milan TV,, Social Media, Dugout, Casa Milan, Milan Foundation and Milan Academy.

Milan Media House serves as control room in the definition of a unique and integrated editorial strategy for all these channels.

The Media House is in fact designed to manage the relationship with the various stakeholders in an increasingly innovative and personal dynamic. Milan Media house was created to gather process and analyse supporters’ data and information.

Milan Media House’s mission consists of the following pillars:

  • Being a global team with a circular organizational model, ready to share messages on multimedia platforms around the world 
  • Being the main daily interest for all AC Milan’s supporters, with an interactive approach trough an integrated communication with supporters 
  • Being always next to supporters, maximizing the Customer Experience and the communication on mobile devices 
  • Benefiting from the new opportunities given by new digital and social channels, keeping an approach always open to innovation and improvement 
  • Amplifying the users’ base, reaching millennials, women, football fans and not only football fans 
  • Looking for new partners, extending the horizon beyond sporting world, as music and fashion
  • Being at the service of our Partners, supporting and managing activities and relationships with Media, Partners and Sponsors

Milan Media House lays its foundations in the evolutionary and digital transformation process of football teams as modern entertainment companies, which has prompted the clubs to directly manage the production and distribution of content.

Journalists, producers, cameramen, developers, graphic designers, media planners, social managers, moderators, designers, communities’ managers, analyst and system integrators collaborate work in Milan Media House: different skills and different communication channels that impact on the final costumer’s experience.

Milan Media House is organized on an omnichannel ecosystem - TV / Digital and Social – content and big data that merge into a single word, more understandable to the less technical people: RELATIONSHIP