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The relationship with our supporters

AC Milan recognizes the centrality and the importance of a constant, direct and clear relationship with supporters.
The attention to the dialogue with supporters is linked to the Club’s willingness to provide all the information necessary to meet the different needs, through all the channels available. 
In particular, the use of new digital channels allows the Club to reach and to communicate with AC Milan’s supporters world-wide.

The purpose of the Group is to provide, even more effectively, the full realization of its supporters’ interests, to increase their participation and involvement on the day of the match and to create a strong connection between what happens during the match and what happens in the previous days. 

To achieve this goal and to offer supporters an increasingly unique and personalized experience, AC Milan has started an ambitious path of digital integration of all its contact channels:
  • Milan TV: the telematic channel on the satellite and in Sky Sport package 
  •, already online in English, Italian and Chinese 
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube (Weibo, WeChat and YouKu for China)
  • Dugout, a digital platform on football launched together with other 9 European top clubs
  • Casa Milan, Fondazione Milan and Milan Academy 

The next and the most important step will be the creation and launch of the App,as key instrument of content delivery, development of Milan Community and exclusive experiences.

AC Milan, through the “AC Milan Digital Platform”, manages all the data and information relating to communication channels that form customers’ relationship system, thus monitoring the Group’s sensitive and visibility in all communication channels.

The system consists of 5 sections:

  • ATTRACTION: it assesses ACMilan’s digital ecosystem ability and that of individual touchpoints to attract supporters to the brand and its content.
  • ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSION: it focuses on the ability of AC Milan's digital ecosystem to engage supporters and to entertain them through content published and released by individual touchpoints.
  • RETENTION: it shows how AC Milan’s digital ecosystem is able to retain supporters in terms of time and ability to get them back once they leave the system.
  • ADVOCACY: it monitors content in terms of users' sharing and it identifies influencers, ie, the supporters who contribute to amplify the brand's voice on the web, considering possibilities of involvement in the brand's valorisation strategy.