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Fan zone

The warmth, enthusiasm and passion of our supporters have always represented the beating heart of the Club.

"I wish to thank our fans for their daily support and love. No matter when and where, you are always there! We are all united again: supporters, club, management and shareholders. We fight together, we support the team in all possible ways and we are going back where AC Milan deserves to stay. Because we are AC Milan"

Yonghong Li - President AC Milan

AC Milan considers its supporters to be the first Stakeholders of the Club. An ever-present bond, which in recent years we have made even stronger through numerous initiatives and services dedicated to them, which go far beyond the pitch.

To establish the partnership between the Club and fans, during the planning of growth and development policies, AC Milan pays particular attention to the relationship with its supporters both at the stadium and before and after, through all the communication channels available.

There are many activities aimed at establishing and nurturing a bond of trust with our fans: from the re-shaping of Stadium prices, aimed at bringing more and more supporters to the day of the match, CRM and Brand Loyalty initiatives, dedicated to the development of transparent and personalized communication with supporters.

The strong attention to the “sporting expectations” of AC Milan’s supporters is the element that drives the ambition to excellence in performances and the commitment to maintain a high level of competitiveness on Italian and European football stage. Objectives that, together with the guarantee of sports ethics, have always been pursued by AC Milan Group.