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AC Milan is a Club anchored to solid popular roots, traditionally quite distant, both at the Club’s level, both at the level of its supporters, to phenomena of violence, racism and discrimination of any kind, which are firmly condemned.

On the occasion of the matches, AC Milan commits to enforce all law and sports’ provisions already in force for the fight against racism and any form of discrimination.

During 2016/2017 Season no penalties for racism or territorial discrimination have been imposed on the Club.

The Club also intends to maintain maximum compliance not only with respect to the principles of FIGC Sports Justice Code, but also in relation to its Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Anti-Racism. The Group's objective is to have staff and supporters increasingly responsive and trained, thus also preventing the risk of any reputational and image damage.

During 2016/2017 football season, Lega Serie A sanctioned AC Milan on four occasions, for a total amount of €13,500, in sharp decline compared to the trend of previous years. Specifically, 2 of these disciplinary sanctions were imposed due to infringements of Lega Serie A regulations by the spectators, while the other 2 concerned minor delays of the kick off of the matches attributable to the Club. No significant financial penalties were applied for cases of non-compliance with environmental laws or regulations and no penalties for territorial discrimination and racism were received.




Number of penalties received for territorial discrimination/racism