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Security in the stadium

During match-days, security management outside San Siro Stadium and on the stands is a topic of major importance for AC Milan Group and its Stakeholders

The Club's commitment is to prevent any risk for all fans at the Stadium - supporters, stewards, health assistants and all the staff - to ensure the enjoyment of the event through the maximum possible security.

During 2016/2017 football Season, about 1,862 resources were used to provide health assistance in the stadium, providing assistance in 137 cases of illness and trauma. 650 people on average were involved in stewarding activities per match dedicated to reception services, access control, observation and surveillance of spectators and verification of compliance with regulations.
For each of steward, about 10 avg hours of specific training per year are  (divided in pre-match briefing dedicated to match preparation and practical exercise during the events) as well as 33 hours of initial basic training.




Number of health interventions in the Stadium during the season