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We have always been growing and training tomorrow's footballers.
Milan’s youth academies are acknowledged as among the most important and prestigious breeding grounds, both nationally and internationally.

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The goal of the Youth Sector is to train footballers for the First Team or, more generally, to train a “fully-evolved” football player, a footballer who knows how to adapt to the various requests he will find in professional football.

Training takes into account some fundamental elements that support learning:


To keep young players’ motivation, they must constantly receive new inspiration and therefore the training must change frequently.


It is necessary for players to understand why they carry out a specific exercise and what are their goals.


The check of individual and collective improvements allows young people to keep their motivation high towards the training proposals, thus generating a virtuous circle that favours learning.

Training activities are carried out for team groups in addition to the preparatory activities for the competitive activity, thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Milan.

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Winning mentality, excellence, generosity and responsibility are the values that are part of our DNA.
We have always been growing and training tomorrow's footballers.
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We share our values and our passion for football with our partners.
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